Prepping your songs for professional mixing
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So you’ve written and recorded your next big album. You’ve decided to give a professional touch to your music. Let’s face it, it was a tough decision. Usually pride or ego take over and most believe they can do better. Maybe it was cost that made mix your own music in the past.

Before you send over your session files, we have some things to go over that are very important. This part of the process is usually overlooked.


First off, you should know how to make a proper mix down of your song. Each individual track should be mixed down. So for example, one track of kick drum, lead vocal, snare drum, and etc. It’s up to you, but you should mix down each track without effects on them. Watch each track’s levels as well. Make sure they’re not peaking into the red. Most DAWs (Digital Audio Workstations) make it super easy to export all the tracks. Once you’ve gotten everything set at default, export your tracks.


Now that you’ve got all your tracks mixed down it’s time to organize them. Most of the time DAWs export your tracks with odd naming. Make sure you label all your tracks so they can be easily identified. separate each type of instrument into their own folder. For example, all guitars into one folder, all drums into another folder, and etc.

Next is a track sheet. Track sheets are for the song information. This includes tempo, key of song, and more. Perhaps notes and preferences of how you’d like the track to sound. You can save a lot of time and emails back and forth if you export a midi file from your session. It’s easy… Create a midi track in your song, add one note, and then export midi (not audio) from your song. When the midi file gets imported, it will carry over the tempo, key, and sometimes session markers.

Folder Organization
Proper folder structure makes it easy to navigate through the session files


After you’ve spent all this time organizing and documenting your songs settings, it’s time to bundle it all up to send. All your tracks should be in a main folder with all your instruments in sub-folders. Now lets compress the main folder… On Windows, Right click and click “send to…” and select “Zip.” on Mac click control + click and select “compress.” Take your compressed folder and send away!

If you mix with us, we make it super easy to send files to us. If you’ve already registered on the E-Mix site, login, click “My Account” and click on the “Client file sharing login here” link. You should have received a username and password if you’ve reached out to us for mixing. If you didn’t contact us and we’ll get one setup for you. e-mail the admin account if you have questions.


We hope this little step-by-step process helps you. Whether you mix with us or with another place, you’ll look like a pro.