Tomasso Gavazzi

Damion got the opportunity to be part of a great engineering experience mixing for Tommaso Gavazzi. He was part of Team Pelu on Italy’s version of The Voice! Damion helped mix the preproduction of his song, “Cheap Blood.”

Mind Lounge Society

Songwriting and recording: Sami Lönnberg 2015Press Contact: Jukka Väätäinen Mixing and mastering: Damion Hill at E-Mix Online 2015 audio coming soon…


MarroTech written, produced, and arranged by Joe MarroRecorded, mixed, and mastered by Damion Hill at E-Mix Online 2012


Songwriting by Damion “DaemonJ” HillPublishing (BMI): E-Mix OnlineMixng and Mastering: Damion Hill at E-Mix Online


Single produced and recorded by Ben “AR-T” Thornton. “Wannabe (Feat. Mass)” by AR-T. Released: 2017 Publishing (BMI): STAGE Recording & Publishing Mixed and Mastered by Damion Hill at E-Mix Online